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Whats on the Painting Table

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We’ve had a very busy past several weeks, so I’ve not had time to put up as many posts as I would like. So I’ll give an update as to what we have done and whats on our plate at the moment.

Lee’s time had been taken up with a large Warmachine Cygnar army commission, which he has only just recently finished which you can find here.

Space Wolves (Warhammer 40k) seem to be very popular at the moment with both Chris and Wes working on various Space Wolf commission. Chris’ force is for a tabletop quality commission whilst Wes’ commission is for a High quality character force.

There is also several Warhammer 40k psykers that Wes is painting for a commission as well as an Imperial Knight.

Finally we have the Blood Bowl commission which is almost completed, so keep an eye out for the completed pictures in a future post.

Wes’s Workbench

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Chris’ Workbench



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