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Last week we painted losts of Infinity miniatures and worked through some Warhammer Scenery. We’re still working through them at the time of this update (you can always find lots of work in progress imagery at our Facebook site) with all of these commissions wrapping up this week.

The team got together this weekend to work together and swapping techniques. Mind you we just happened to choose the hottest weekend for the year to do this – the air conditioner got a serious workout!

Here is the update and images:

Infinity – Pan Oceana Forces

The infinity Starter set Pan Oceana factions are almost completed. The bases are the only parts left of the miniatures left so we should have some completed images in the next day or two.



Kingdom Death

The next commission is for a set of 8 Kingdom Death Pin-Up miniatures. They are to be painted to Display standard. I’ll build each one just before it’s turn for painting (rather than trying to build them all first and then paint them).



Horus Heresy miniature – Horus

We also have a nice Horus Heresy miniature (Horus himself) to be painted to Display Standard. The miniature has been constructed and cleaned and painting will begin this week as well.


Weekend Painting Work

Here are some more images of some of the weekend work. Chris and Lee both were working on tabletop quality miniatures (Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar). I’ll have some images of them once they’re completed.

IMG_6133 IMG_6134 IMG_6136

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