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Well its been a while since I’ve posted a commission update post. Its been so busy here lately that I’ve only really had a chance to put up completed commission imagery. At the moment we are still working our way through the large amount of commissions. We’re currently book up until February next year.

There are plans that we’re investigating to bring more painters on board, hopefully i’ll have some more news on that soon.

Infinity Operation IceStorm

Currently working through several sets of Infinity operation Ice Storms sets. Currently all the Nomads have been completed and I’m now working through the Pac Oceana Forces. Their blue armour is completed with just the edge highlighting to be completed.



Warhammer Scenery

All the buildings for the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k scenery have been built and under coated. At the moment we’re working through the 40k buildings with the base coats and the metals.


Space Hulk

All the Space Hulk Miniatures have been painstakingly cleaned and the lines polished off in preparation for their undercoat.

Batman – Catwoman

As a little break between commissions, I quickly painted up Catwoman from the Knight Models Batman game.


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