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Its been a while since I last put up a ‘Whats on the Painting Table update post. Few reasons being that we’ve been under the gun working to meet painting deadlines that we didn’t have time to post, as well as some commissions that were starting and completing before a weekly update could be put together.

Below is the huge amount of things that are either coming to a conclusion or just starting up (that’s why there are some many updates this week

Tau Forces – Tabletop Quality

This Tau Force is being painted to Tabletop quality. Its a red and black/charcoal grey colour scheme. A lot of the suits have had their weapons magnetized.







Space Hulk – Standard Quality

This Space Hulk commission is being painted to Standard Quality and the marines are following the Games Workshop studio colours. the Genestealers on the other hand are being painted in hive fleet Leviathan (white/purple and black). This commission should be completed this week.

Ferrus Manus – Display Quality

This is our second time painting Ferrus Manus (Forge World). As with the last commission of Ferrus, this one is also being painted to Display Quality. Where this one differs is that it is being painted with real metal colours as opposed to NMM techniques. I’m not sure if that will mean this will be easier or harder – I’ll let you know once it is done (bets are on harder).

13 Elements of War – Display Quality

Some more 12 Elements of War being painted for Sword and Board Games. These are being painted to Display Quality. Trying some new techniques for flesh tones with these guys, I think they’ll be more realistic.












Kingdom Death- Display Quality

Ahh, love painting these gals. Lots of gentle gradients really, lots of flat spaces (skin) helps in showing off some nice smooth tones. These miniatures are so well sculpted and just beg to be painted to Display Quality!













Horus Heresy Forces – High Quality

A nice small force of Luna Wolves being led by Horus. Horus himself will be painted to Display Quality with his terminators and Sicaran tank being painted to High Quality.
IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1711


















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  1. Steven Phythian says:

    Tau forces, nice! You guys are pros with Space Hulk by now! Can’t wait to see the Horus Heresy Forces.

    Any chance of you doing a tutorial on skin tones? Especially with the Kingdom Death pieces.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Horus Heresy board game coming soon. I’ll be doing a video soon about the skin tones – there is actually two types of skin tones going up in the videos 🙂

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