Ultramarine Forces with Vindicator

Ultramarine Veteran Assault Squad

We have just recently completed an Ultramarine commission with contained a Vindicator which was part of an ongoing commission for a client’s army. We seem to have quite a few of these lately, It’s a good way of breaking large commissions and spreading the costs over a longer period of time.

This particular commission was for a Ultramarine Captain (modified from the Games Day Blood Angel Captain with all Blood Angel iconography shaved off and replaced with Ultramarine ones instead), a Veteran Assault Squad and a Vindicator.

The Ultramarines were painted in the same color scheme as instructed in the following Ultramarine Dreadnought Tutorial.

Here are the images of the rest of the commission:

Ultramarine Veteran Assault Squad Ultramarine Veteran Assault Squad
Ultramarine Captain Ultramarine Captain
Ultramarine Vindicator Ultramarine Vindicator
Ultramarine Vindicator Ultramarine Vindicator
Ultramarine Vindicator Ultramarine Vindicator




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  1. Steven Phythian says:

    Loving the look on these! The squad as a whole look really good. I can’t wait to get mine to you!

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