Ultramarine Centurions and Librarian

Another commission completed. This time its a small add-on force for a previous Ultramarine client. This force consists of 3 of the new Centurion miniatures as well as the librarian Tigerius.

I must admit, when I first saw the Space Marine Centurions on the net and in the White Dwarf I thought Games Workshop miniature designers were having some fun at our expense. Actually I still think that but honestly the miniatures are not that bad in real life. Even looking at the pictures below they still aren’t photogenic. One thing I will do for my own miniatures is to replace the helmets with regular mk 7 helmets – I have no idea what GW were thinking of but the current helmets really do look stupid.

Anyhow the below miniatures are all to our ‘standard quality’ paint work.

Ultramarine CenturianUltramarine Centurian Ultramarine Centurian Ultramarine Centurian Ultramarine Centurian Ultramarine LibrarianUltramarine Librarian













































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