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Chaos Decimator

Chaos Decimator Completed

The Chaos Decimator has been completed. The only instructions for this commission were that it had to be dark and grim, weathered and in red and gold colour scheme. It’s very war damaged and as such I’ve used a lot of weathering powders and soot powders around exhausts and joints. The feet have kicked up some dirt so they are weathered in a dirty brown as well.

Black Templar Captain

Black Templar Force

Just a quick update to show you another commission that was recently completed. This one was for a small Black Templar force that was painted to Standard Quality. A Black Templar commander, a Techmarine and his retinue of servitors. The Commander was supplied to us with a custom base which was painted to look like marble.

Canis Wolfborn

Space Wolves leap off the painting table

Another commission completed. Something different this time, an all mounted Space Marine Space Wolf force. I haven’t painted any Space Marine chapter other than Ultramarines and Imperial Fists in a long time, so it was a nice change to have these greys on the palette. The client wanted the miniatures to be close […]

Fantasy Flight Games Relic

Some more Relic busts painted

Another commission completed. This was for another Fantasy Flight Game – Relic. All the busts were painted to our standard quality level.


Grey Knights part 1

We’re currently working on a small Warhammer 40k Grey Knight force. The stipulaitons for this commission is to keep the force with the same color scheme as the Games Workshop studio theme. The force consists of 20 Grey Knight Marines, 6 terminators (including a standard bearer and a commander) and a Nemisis Dreadknight.

Dark Elder

Ladies of 40k Commission

Another set of miniatures for an ongoing client’s Warhammer 40k Sister of Battle / Imperial army and a Dark Elder army.

Warhammer 40k 25th Anniversary

Warhammer 40k Anniversery Model – WIP

In between painting commissions (and sometimes in the middle of some as a rest) I’m trying to get through my own back log of miniatures. I have piles of miniatures desperatly vying for my painting attention so that I can include them in my armies. The problem is i’m a […]

Imperial Psyker

Imperial Psyker Conversion

I was commissioned to paint a Warhammer 40k ‘Imperial Psyker’ up to display standard. This particular miniature isn’t actually a Games Workshop product but rather a Delzira Demon Princess from Bombshell Miniatures.

Warhammer 40k base

Diorama Base for Warhammer 40k

I recently was asked to do a centerpiece 60mm base for Warhammer 40k. It was to be themed for a Chaos army and was to display a battlefield with littered Space Marine bodies and other battlefield parts. The direction for the base was to include Space Marines from the Black Templar chapter as well as enough space for a large Demon.

Painted Ultramarine Terminator Chaplin

Ultramarine Terminator Chaplin

Well the first miniature of my own personal Ultramarine Army for Warhammer 40,000 is completed. I’ve chosen to stick with the codex colours for him as he will be used for table top gaming, which I don’t want any confusion as to what he is. My Ultramarine army will have […]