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Rise of the Primarch

The Rise of the Primarch is an iconic set released for the new Warhammer 40k 8th edition. We’ve painted several of these sets (more posts to come), this being the first set completed. These miniatures were painted to level 3 quality. We will also have a level 4 and level […]


Ultramarine Vehicles

I just finished a whole stack of Ultramarines vehicles… ok those who follow me on Instagram will realise that I actually completed these vehicles months ago and that i’m only just catching up on posting on the website. If your interested in what i’m completed as it happens, please follow […]


Ultramarine Vehicles and Hard Hitters

I havnt had a chance to put up a post in a while. These Ultramarines were completed several weeks ago. They are part of a much larger commission which has many many more Ultramarines to come as well a large selection of scenery. These Ultramarines were painted to our level […]


Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines

Its been a while since we completed this commission, I remembered to put it up on our Facebook page and Instagram but forgot the blog!. Anyway we have just recently finished a Level 5 quality Roboute Guilliman, primarch of the Ultramarines. This miniature is part of a larger Ultramarine commission which you may have […]


Ultramarine Invictarus Suzerain Squad & Centurions

Well I’ve been a bit slack and havnt had a chance to update the blog site (though I’ve kept our Facebook and Instgram pages up to date).I’m only just catching back up now with a whole bunch of posts for all the miniature commissions we have completed in the past […]


Lots of Ultramarine Terminators

We’ve recently began a large Ultramarine commission which utilises the dark blue to extreme highlights colour scheme. It’s the same colour scheme that I have used for my own Ultramarine force (see here and here for the colours). The bases were given a ruddy mars desert look to compliment the blue […]

Painting Tutorials

Painting my Ultramarine Army – Part 2

After using the colours and concepts discussed in the first part of the series, I’ve completed the first Ultramarine squad – a Terminator Squad. All the squad members were painted the same way as the prototype in part one of this series. They all had the barrels of their weapons […]

Ultramarine Terminator
Painting Tutorials

Painting my Ultramarine Army – Part 1

This will be the first part in a series on my collection and painting of my Ultramarine Space Marine Army. I intend to do put some tutorials as well as ideas, concepts and thoughts as I progress in collecting, building and painting my army. I’ll begin with a small introduction […]

Ultramarine Drop Pod

Ultramarine Drop Pod

A nice and simple commission. The old faithful Space Marine drop pod. I have done so many of these that the painting time has become a very quick. Originally I started painting Drop Pods (in fact all vehicles) with a paint brush and using weathering powders from Secret Weapon for soot and blast markings. Now days I’ve upgraded wot the trust airbrush. The Airbrush techniques are not necessarily better then using weathering powders for weathering, but it is a lot quicker.

Ultramarine Centurian

Ultramarine Centurions and Librarian

Another commission completed. This time its a small add-on force for a previous Ultramarine client. This force consists of 3 of the new Centurion miniatures as well as the librarian Tigerius.

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