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Crimson Fist

Warhammer 40k 25th Anniversary Model

It’s not often that I actually get time to paint something for myself let alone anything for my armies. One of the downsides of commission painting is that you often don’t feel like painting when it comes to your own miniatures. In fact i’ve been playing a lot of Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing as its a enjoyable game but everything is already painted (pretty nicely for machine painting).

Warhammer 40k 25th Anniversary

Warhammer 40k Anniversery Model – WIP

In between painting commissions (and sometimes in the middle of some as a rest) I’m trying to get through my own back log of miniatures. I have piles of miniatures desperatly vying for my painting attention so that I can include them in my armies. The problem is i’m a […]

Crimson Fist Librarian

Crimson Fists – Lysander and Librarian

We were recently asked to paint Imperial Fist Space Marine hero Lysander and a Space Marine Librarian in Crimson Fist chapter colors. They were both to be painted up to our ‘high’ standard, with nothing done to the bases (the client had bases for them).