Robotech RPG Tactics – Max Sterling

Robotech Tactics Max Sterling

Way back last year I backed a Kickstarter project which was to deliver a miniature game from a childhood cartoon – Robotech RPG Tactics. Fast forward nearly a year later still with no delivery of anything in sight, I went ahead and got myself some convention exclusive miniatures that the company had released. The two miniatures were a Max Sterling Veritech and a Miriya Female battle armour. Just for something different (and since I haven’t painted a mech in ages), I painted the Max Sterling miniature in his typical blue colour scheme.

In the pictures below you notice I haven’t bothered to base the miniature, the reason being that I want to wait until I have all the kickstarter miniatures before I decide on a theme for basing (as I want to use the Max miniature for gaming).

Robotech Tactics Max Sterling Robotech Tactics Max Sterling
Robotech Tactics Max Sterling Robotech Tactics Max Sterling
Robotech Tactics Max Sterling

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  1. I got so excited when I saw this. I also backed this kickstarter, and I’m still awaiting the models. I figure we’ll get them sometime in 2015.

    The model is very nicely painted!

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