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Painting my Ultramarine Army – Part 2

Ultramarine Terminators

After using the colours and concepts discussed in the first part of the series, I’ve completed the first Ultramarine squad – a Terminator Squad.

All the squad members were painted the same way as the prototype in part one of this series. They all had the barrels of their weapons drilled out. I didn’t feel that they needed pinning as the plastic glue held my plastic models pretty well (so some more time saved).All the miniatures were then coated in two coats of matt varnish from Army Painter.

After seeking some advise from online forums, most people have said to not include battle damage on in the paint scheme. So for the moment I have left them crisp and clean (I might try a test model with battle damage, but I’ll make sure it doesn’t belong to a squad). I did brush some black pigment (Secret Weapon Exhaust Black) at the end of the gun barrels to give that burnt weapon fire appearance to the weapons. I also used brown pigments near the feet for some weathering from the dirt on their base.

Terminator Squad

IMG_0567 IMG_0566
IMG_0572 IMG_0568

The Terminator Sergent was going to be used as a test piece for some contrasting Object Source Lighting from his weapons and his armour helmet seal. I used to see in older White Dwarf images of Space Hulk of Terminator marines without their helmets in dark corridors with their faces lit up from the armour upwards on to their face which gave them an ominous appearance. I fully intend to use this type of lighting on some character models later on. Rather then risk a character model’s paint job by stuffing up this lighting effect, I thought I would practice it first on the serpent. I had actually tried lighting up the face with a yellow glow to begin with but it looked like complete rubbish. I quickly undid the paint job (and forgot to take a photo before I did) and decided I needed another colour which would not make the face/skin look like a zombie (too pale)and would stand out from a distance. I thought perhaps a purple or green. In the end I decided red to add the darker mood Ultramarines look I was going for. I think the end results for the face makes him look a lot more sinister.

Finally I chose a complimentary green colour for the power sword as a light blue power sword would have just blended in with the blue of their terminator armour and not stood out.

Terminator Sergent

IMG_5613 IMG_0570
IMG_0569 IMG_5614

Regular Terminator

IMG_0574 IMG_0573

Next is to see what a Dreadnought will look like fully painted up on the colour scheme.

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