Kingdom Death Gorm

Back to some more Kingdom Death. This time I’ve painted up the Gorm from the Kingdom Death Monster expansion. Its the plastic version rather then the resin, which I hoped meant that the fitting of the pieces would be solid. unfortunately the pieces didn’t fit very well especially around the legs to body where there were large gapes that had to be puttied and sanded back.

Once the overall build was complete, I decided to give the Gorm a deathly sickly skin colour. It was a choice of a greener tone or a purple tone. I went with the purple tone and build up the tones over multiple layers. I also added in the veins and then added several more clear tones over the top to gie the impression that the veins were under a very thin skin.

Once that miniature was painted, it still didn’t seem evil and sickly enough. I have no idea where the idea came from but I decided to layer the skin in a light resin coat to give the impression that either the creature had been birthed and it’s biotic fluids were still on it or that it was coated in some sickly bile.

And here is the final results. I hope you like.


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