Issues with the Client portal

A message for all our current clients.

It has recently become known to us that there is an issue with the client portal (client HUB) on our website which we use to communicate messages and WIP images during a commission to clients. You may not have had a chance to use the portal as your commission may not have begun yet, in which case you may not have come into contact with this issue. If you have been using the client HUB to communicate with us and either we have not responded, you have not received image updates or your images are corrupted – it would appear you have encountered the issue. We have been receiving all you communications through the HUB (I believe this is the case) but it would seem there is something wrong when we either respond to you or when we upload WIP images in that not all if any get through to the client end.

Until we can work out what is going on with the plug-in on our website, we are reverting to communications via email again. I apologies if this is an inconvenience, you will still have access to the HUB to gather images or any other files, but please use email to contact us from henceforth (

If you have sent us any communications recently and have not had a response, can you please contact me on this email address so I can follow up asap.

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