Imperial Psyker Conversion

I was commissioned to paint a Warhammer 40k ‘Imperial Psyker’ up to display standard. This particular miniature isn’t actually a Games Workshop product but rather a Delzira Demon Princess from Bombshell Miniatures. The client had replaced the end of the staff with a power halberd, the rest of the miniature was original.

The client wanted to match the color theme was their existing Sister of Battle army which consisted of Purple, black & white. The only other instruction was to have the Halberd blade green.

I imagined the psyker as coming from a backwater Imperial world where she may have been worshipped as some sort of goddess or high priestess. That said I wanted to make her clothing look luxurious. All the metal areas were painted with Non-Metal Metal gold except the halberd which I wanted to look completely different, perhaps issued by the Imperial Guard.

The clothing was to be purple. By mixing in some flesh colors with the base purple, I made areas where the clothing would pull tightly on the body more transparent as if the clothing material was silk.

I made the hair a fiery orange to match my imagination that she did indeed come from a backwater world; a fiery psychic priestess.

Below are some of the in progress shots:
Imperial Psyker Imperial Psyker Imperial Psyker Imperial Psyker Imperial Psyker












The finished results with the base and halberd painted.

Imperial Psyker Imperial Psyker Imperial Psyker
















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  1. Corroded says:

    Wow, she looks incredible! I especially love the idea of making her skirt silk and transparent, what a cool idea! Great work.

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