Grey Knights part 1

We’re currently working on a small Warhammer 40k Grey Knight force. The stipulations for this commission is to keep the force with the same color scheme as the Games Workshop studio theme. The force consists of 20 Grey Knight Marines, 6 terminators (including a standard-bearer and a commander) and a Nemesis Dreadknight.

All the miniatures were supplied constructed which makes things a lot easier and faster from a painting perspective. Especially with larger forces, it can become taxing trying to get multipart miniatures into various poses that you think the client might like. Then you also don’t know how much extra ‘bling’ to glue to the miniature either. Having it supplied constructed and blinged is so much better!

Here are some images from the first few completed terminators as well as some work in progress shots.

564649_653896634663343_789804186_n 1467333_654378567948483_2020492677_n
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