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Another busy week finished and I still have a large mess on my work tables. Lots of building, pinning, gluing and under coating happening here at the moment for the next batch of commissions. For this week we’re finishing off the Relic Nemesis busts (and if possible starting the Relic Core bust sets), painting up some Chaos Rhinos and finally constructing a Millenium Falcon model for painting.

Relic Nemesis

So far the Eldar Dire Avenger Exarchs have been completed. The Assassin should be completed tonight with the rest of the Busts completed during the week (keep an eye out for a blog update during the week).

Relic Nemesis Eldar

Necron Lord

I’ve just finished off the Necron Lord commission (below is the near completed miniature). I’ll put together a post shortly. Also i’m going to put the colour recipes for this model in the new Recipe sections in the menu. Makes for a handy location to find colour assignments quicker.

Necron Lord

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