Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Hi everyone, I will be using these weekly updates to once again provide updates on what is currently undergoing painting for that week as well as any notable updates.

Delivery Schedule

Due to Covid lockdowns in the ACT where we are located, there is added additional challenges such as juggling home schooling and working from home which is adding additional pressures to the commission delivery timeline. 

We have as well as lockdowns in NSW and VIC putting additional strains on supplies being delivered. I have run out of some supplies and very low on others (which includes certain paints, undercoats, paintbrushes and airbrush supplies). I have orders from various local and international stores coming but all postage at the moment is very very slow (days are turning into weeks) and at the current moment Australia Post is temporarily paused picking up ecommerce parcels until 7th Sept.

As such the commission timelines have been delayed. I am currently contacting all clients to inform them of new commission time table. I have also created a new page on the website which will be updated each Monday (including these weekly updates). 

Delivery schedule on the website which is located here:

Ultramarine Force

We are currently working on completing an Ultramarine Force painted to level 4 quality. This commission is part of previous Ultramarine commissions and as such need to match the painting quality and style. This commission is awaiting supplies which should arrive early this week and thus allow this commission to complete this week.

These images are from last week. I will post final images later this week of the completed miniatures.


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