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Warmachine Cygnar

Complete Warmachine Cygnar Army

Well finally the Warmachine Cygnar army has been completed. The army was commisisoned to be painted to tabletop quality by our artist Lee.

There was a considerable amount of miniatures involved here, but as you can see Lee was able to produce a very nice tabletop quality which you can see below in a good time frame.

Descent Board Game Miniatures

Descent 1st Edition Miniatures

The Descent 1st edition commission came as part of a larger commission of several board games. The Descent miniature as well as the Space Hulk miniatures (see yesterdays post) were to be completed at Tabletop Quality. Our tabletop artist Chris elected to take on the Descent miniatures.

Space Hulk

Space Hulk 3rd Edition

We were recently commissioned by a client to complete several commissions at our new Tabletop Quality paint level. Both our tabletop artists Chris and Lee each took a commission each.

Lee took the Space Hulk commission. The instructions for these miniatures were to follow the Space Hulk imagery in the game manuals.