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Deadzone Marauders

Deadzone – Marauders & Mercs

Our new artist Damo recently completed a Deadzone commission consisting of Marauders and a few mercenaries. The Marauders were given a ruddy look with the metal being rusted and dirty. All the miniatures were painted to Standard Quality level.


Deadzone – Plague Faction

Some more Mantic Deadzone miniatures completed. This is for an ongoing Deadzone commission which includes a lot of the miniatures from the Kickstarter and in particular four of the factions. We have already completed the Enforcer & Rebels factions and a huge stack of Deadzone scenery. This week we have […]

Deadzone Enforcers

Deadzone Commission Completed – Enforcers and Rebels

A short while ago we started out on a Deadzone commission by completing the massive amount of terrain from their Kickstarter. This stage of the commission is to complete the Enforcers and the Rebel factions from that Kickstarter. The colour scheme was to roughly follow the Mantic studio colours and […]

Weekly Updates

Whats on the Painting Table

Well it was a small week of painting due to all the public holidays and the Easter break. I actually found time to play a game of Relic (by FFG) in which i got beaten soundly.