More Scenery Completed


This is part 2 of a commission for Warhammer scenery that we started recently. In the first part of the commission, we completed all the Warhammer Fantasy buildings and made a start on a few of the Warhammer 40k Buildings. This time round we finished the remaining Warhammer 40k buildings and also completed the Citadel woods.

Again we employed OSL and a lot of weathering on all the buildings. Here is the end result:

IMG_6475 IMG_6476
1 IMG_6472
IMG_6473 IMG_6474
3 4
IMG_6478 5
6 IMG_6480
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  1. Steven Phythian says:

    Those buildings look awesome! Not so sure about the woods though. There’s too many good scenic supplies out there that blow the woods kits away. Nothing against the job, well done, but there are nicer looking ‘fake’ woods out there. Plus, if you’re going for 40K terrain you can make your own so easily. Go to some crafts stores and look at the flower arrangement section for weird looking stuff or go to a pet supply store. They have some interesting things too.

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