Necron Lord – Anrakyr the Traveller

Anrakyr the Traveller
My first Necron painted ever! Who would have thought that after doing commission services for over 3 years now that there are still races from Games Workshop that I still have not encountered. I figured that Necrons would be rather easy to paint as there is a lot of metal surfaces and i’m sure I would be right if this was a typical commission. What made this different was the client wanted the miniature painted to Display Standard which meant using Non metallic metal techniques and considering that the whole miniature is metal – I figure this is going to take a looooong time to complete.

In the end it did take longer then normal for a Display miniature due to the NMM paint work but it also meant I didn’t have to think to much about light source positioning as each piece of metal just worked off the metal piece next to.

I intend to do get back to doing full tutorials soon, but in the interim here are some fo the paint recipes I used for this miniature:

Red Steel

Anrakyr the Traveller Anrakyr the Traveller Anrakyr the TravellerAnrakyr the Traveller

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