Mice and Mystics

Mice and Mystics

The final commission for our client who had previously had the Space Hulk and the Descent commissions completed was to have the board game Mice and Mystics painted to our Standard Level.

Mice and Mystics is published by Plaid Hat Games. The miniatures I admit are fantastic and reminds me of some childhood cartoons I used to watch with swashbuckling mice and evil garden creatures.¬†The Mice colour scheme followed the artwork on the cards from the game as closely as possible. Unfortunately¬†I don’t own the game so I did not know if there was a particular colour scheme for the rats and insects. My Google skills also failed me in terms of finding any studio colour theme. So without any constraints I painted the rats and insects in my own colour scheme. The bugs in particular were kept to earthy brown colours (and some glossy wings for the winged bugs), the same kind of colours of the damn bugs that get into my paint studio and fly around my desk lights.

Anyhow here are the end products:

Mice and Mystics Mice and Mystics
Mice and Mystics Mice and Mystics
Mice and Mystics Mice and Mystics
Mice and Mystics Mice and Mystics
IMG_0012 Mice and Mystics
Mice and Mystics Mice and Mystics
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  1. Babylonia says:

    Hi, really nice work! What color of primer did you use? I’m also curious on what brand of colors you used, Citadel?


    • Normally I use the Citadel Black Primer and these were painted with Games Workshop brand paints (tends to be the majority of my own paints at the moment).

      • Would you mind telling me what paints you used? A decade ago I played 40k, and had multiple armies. I sold all my stuff, and a decade later find that I need to paint my mice and mystics minis, but I don’t know what paints to get. Citadel changed their line, and I literally have to start from nothing. Looking for the most economical way to do this.

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