Kingdom Death Monster – White Lion

The next miniature completed for the Kingdom Death Monster commission is a monster rather then a human. The White Lion. As the name implies the White Lion is a lighter coloured lion then what you would find in the real world. I looked around the internet as to how other people had painted their White Lion; a lot were white in colour or looked like a stone statue come alive. I wanted this Lion to still look like something natural rather then mythical, I decided to give it a very light tan sheen instead.

The miniature was painted to Level 5 quality. I’ve had a few people ask how the fur was painted on and unfortunately the answer is with a very small brush and that every fur on the lion was individually painted on. That being said, it didn’t take that long to do the fur (over one evening). A little blood was painted around the paws and the mouth like in the artwork.

The basing was to have a very dark muddy and stone appearance to contrast the brighter colours of the
White Lion. Its a pity that there was no larger stone face bases for the monsters like there is for the humans. It would have been nice to continue the theme across all the contents of the Kingdom Death Monster board game.

20160617-Kingdom Death Monster-056 20160617-Kingdom Death Monster-057 20160617-Kingdom Death Monster-058 20160617-Kingdom Death Monster-059 20160617-Kingdom Death Monster-054 20160617-Kingdom Death Monster-055


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