Imperial Fist Chaplain

The Special Character chaplain from the Dark Vengeance box set was painted asĀ Imperial Fist Chaplain. This special character is only attainable for a limited time through the Dark Vengeance box set.

There was some minor conversion work done to the miniature.The Dark Angel heraldry was scrapped and cut off the miniature.

The chaplain follows the traditional black armour of status with the Imperial Fist yellow livery on their shoulders.

Some of the dark angel livery that was removed could not be done so without looking out-of-placeĀ amongst the surrounding components. Scrolls and honour badges were put into place to cover these spots (and being marines it does not look out-of-place).

Imperial Fist Chaplain

Imperial Fist Chaplain Imperial Fist Chaplain Imperial Fist Chaplain Imperial Fist Chaplain

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