Getting some game boards made

battle fleet Gothic Board

Recently I took some time off painting miniatures to devout some energy to the actual war gaming aspect of the hobby. I haven’t really had a chance to play any war games for a long time (other than some x-wing). One of the main reasons for my lack of war gaming is that I don’t really own any playing surfaces or terrain.

Since I’ve been gathering a Dystopian Wars fleet and some Battlefleet Gothic ships, I wanted to start painting and playing in both these systems. So I needed an ocean board and a space board to begin with.

I searched for inspiration on the internet for both boards and really only found one decent tutorial for the ocean board. Here is the link that I followed on YouTube.

I found no full tutorial for the space board so I took crack at painting it with my trusty airbrush as well as an old tooth-brush.

Here are the results for both boards:

If you want me to post some tutorials on how I made these boards, just leave a comment below and I’ll see if I can rebuild the boards you want.

Also you can buy the planets and asteroids in the pictures from us on eBay.

battle fleet Gothic Board battle fleet Gothic Board
battle fleet Gothic Board battle fleet Gothic Board
Dystopian Wars Board Dystopian Wars Board


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