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Dreadfleet – Water Painting Update

Well I went ahead and painted all the water for any piece that had water on it. Its most rewarding seeing them all starting to come together.

Also a quick tip, if you want to mimick the photos in the rule book where there are green patches on the ocean based, follow the original water painting post and when just before you finally do the white crests, take some GW Thraka green wash and paint it in small blotches on the base. Try having some over a wave or twos crest. Once dry then proceed with the white cresting of the waves.

Below are some pictures of my nights adventures:

Dreadfleet painting water - Dreadfleet water for ship baseDreadfleet painting water - Dreadfleet water for small ship bases

I am currently focusing my commission work around Dreadfleet at the moment, so if you want your box set or individual ships painted please use the contact form to receive a quote.

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