Chaos Blood Bowl Team

Chaos Blood Bowl

Recently I’ve had a resurgent interest in Games Workshop now defunct specialist games lines. In particular Blood bowl. Back in the day I never really had time to get into the game and really didn’t have too many people around me that played.

Lately my gaming group has started to take interest in the older Games Workshop games. I’ve decided that now might be a opertune time to revist Blood Bowl. having a look on eBay for the older teams, I discovered that they are particularly expensive, but I did also discover that there were other manufacturers out there producing third-party teams.

Whilst trying to work out what team I wanted to play and what third party manufacture I wanted to use, I received a commission for… yes you guess it, a Blood Bowl team.

The team is a Chaos Blood Bowl team created by Willy-miniatures. These metal miniatures were very will manufactured with very little flash and very little clean up required. I was most impressed with the dynamic poses and the imposing look of each miniature (Games Workshops minis all looked too thin to be Blood Players).

So I’ve decided that my team will come from Willy Miniatures, just what time will be a question to answer later. In the mean time, the client wanted their miniatures painted in the same colour scheme as Willy’s studio colours. The miniatures were painted to the High Quality Standard.

Here are the results:

Chaos Blood Bowl Chaos Blood Bowl
Chaos Blood Bowl Chaos Blood Bowl
Chaos Blood Bowl Chaos Blood Bowl
Chaos Blood Bowl Chaos Blood Bowl
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